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Sentence Pattern for Conclusion

It's time to learn another sentence pattern:

Think of three things that you love about a holiday (such as Christmas). Each "thing" should consist of an adjective-noun combination (or possibly a noun and a prepositional phrase). For example:

Now study the following sentence pattern. It's an "advanced" pattern, but it's very useful.

__________, __________, and __________—these are but a few of the things that _____________________.


By filling in the blanks, we can write a sentence something like this:

There are many variations to this pattern. Here are some more examples:

Heads Up!

Don't forget this sentence pattern! You're going to use it in the conclusion of your essay.

Lesson Steps


Open up your writing portfolio, and go to

  • Writing Exercise #2

Think of a holiday (or something else) that you love.

Using the pattern described in this lesson, write a sentence that explains why you love it. (Follow the example.)

3 Congratulations! You're done with this lesson.

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.