Country Report (Pro)


Search Smarter

Before you start searching for another piece of evidence, consider this important truth:

Why is it that so many students find it easy to summarize facts about their country, yet find it difficult to persuade me that I should go?

Partly, it's because they skimp on research. (Research, in this case, means finding persuasive sources). Too many students simply type the name of their country into Google then click on the first few links that pop up. Unfortunately, if those links are bland, neutral summaries of their country, their papers also turn out to be bland and unpersuasive.

And trying to fix a bland paragraph (based on bland evidence) is much like trying to "fix" an apple pie that's been made with rotten apples. Sometimes, the only way to fix it is to toss it out and start over again with fresh apples. In other words, if your evidence is too bland and too boring and too neutral—no amount of rewriting is going to be able to fix that. You're just going to have to start again and find a different source.

That is why spending a bit more time searching for a great source—a source that is really persuasive—can save you time in the long run.

The Best Evidence

Great evidence can often be found in personal blogs written by people who have visited your country.

Consider the following conversation:


You should go to Australia.




Oh, you'll have a great time. Just listen to my friend Oscar. Oscar visited Australia last year.


Okay. Tell me, Oscar, how did you like Australia?


It was fantastic! My family and I had a wonderful time. We got to pet kangaroos and I got a chance to eat crocodile meat. I've never had so much fun in my life. And it was surprisingly cheap, too. In fact, we spent less than $50 per day!


Wow, that really does sound great. Thanks!


Your job is to find your own "Oscar", an opinionated blogger or travel writer who loves (or hates) your country.

Using these words in your search may help:

"Pro" Essay "Con" Essay
  • great
  • fun
  • fantastic
  • awesome
  • love
  • cheap
  • beautiful
  • friendly
  • blog
  • awful
  • horrible
  • hate
  • miserable
  • can't stand
  • expensive
  • ugly
  • rude
  • blog

Putting words like these into the search bar (along with the name of your country) will greatly increase your chances of finding a good source.