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Read an MLA Paper (Mexico)

Before we start writing an MLA paper, let's read an MLA paper.

Below is an "A+" country report that was written by one of my students.

Note the following:

Mexico: A Wonderful Vacation Destination

Some people think that Mexico is not a good place to go on vacation. However, the truth is that Mexico is fantastic. Mexico City is fabulous; the food is amazing, and the people are friendly. Mexico is a wonderful vacation destination.

First, Mexico City is absolutely fabulous. According to freelance writer Suzanne Barbezat, “You'll find great food, world class museums, interesting archaeological sites, stunning architecture, ubiquitous art, gorgeous green spaces and varied cultural offerings” (Barbezat). You'll never run out of things to do in this exciting city!

Second, Mexican cuisine is delicious. According to John Martin, a writer for the website Medium, Mexican food impresses people with “its vibrant, authentic and delicious taste” (Martin). Food lovers will truly appreciate the wonderful flavors and spices.

Third, the people of Mexico are extremely friendly. In the words of blogger Lauren Cocking:

If there’s one thing everyone will agree on about Mexico, it’s that the locals are warm, welcoming and always willing to help, whether you need directions or advice on what street food stall to eat at. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll soon realize that Mexicans will go out of their way to give you the information you’re looking for, even when that means escorting you to a tourist desk or ringing their niece for advice on bus routes. (Cocking)

Mexico City, delicious food, and friendly people—these are some of the things that make Mexico such a wonderful country. If you go to Mexico, you won't regret it. Mexico is a perfect destination for a holiday.

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