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Place Emphatic Words at the End (Topic Sentences)

You have learned this important principle of good writing:

Or, as I sometimes put it:

Students often write weak topic sentences because they are unaware of how important word order can be. Don't make this same mistake. Don't bury the "new" or "interesting" information somewhere in the middle. Instead, place it in the final position. Consider these examples:

Weak Better
Second, there is a lot of crime in France. Second, in France there is a lot of crime.
Also, the Eiffel Tower is another thing that you can see. Another thing you can see is the Eiffel Tower.
Third, there are many beautiful places in Algeria. Third, Algeria is known for its natural beauty.
Another thing is that the high cost of food could spoil your vacation.

Another thing that could spoil your vacation is the high cost of food.


Are your topic sentences as "punchy" as they could be?

Can any of them be improved?

Lesson Steps


Take a second look at your topic sentences.

Have you put the new or interesting information at the end?

Rearrange the words, as necessary, in order to give your sentences more "punch".

2 Congratulations! You're done with this lesson.