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Cut the Fluff (2)


Take a second look at your paragraphs. Do any of them contain fluff? Have you written sentences that do not contribute anything interesting to your essay?

Cut them out!

Note: Perhaps you're thinking, "All my wraps feel like fluff." I understand. Wraps often do feel unnecessary. Still, you need at least three sentences in a paragraph or else it starts to feel awkwardly short.

So if your evidence is short (just one sentence) then you need at least one more sentence to round out the paragraph, as lame as that sentence might be. But if your evidence is two or more sentences, you may be able to leave out the wrap altogether.

The point is this: Try to make every sentence count. Or, as Strunk and White would put it, every word should "tell."


Did you restate your thesis in any of your body paragraphs?

  • Your introduction and conclusion are the places where you state and restate your thesis. Do not restate your thesis in your body paragraphs! (You can, however, restate the topic sentence).

Congratulations! You're done with this lesson.