Country Report (Pro)


Clean Up Your Works Cited Page

Because you were smart and you entered your sources into your Works Cited page immediately, your Works Cited page is 90% finished.

In this lesson, you will do the last 10% and finish cleaning it up.


Put your three sources in alphabetical order. Numbers come before letters. If any of your sources does not have an author, then alphabetize by the first letter of the title of the article.

  • "10 Reasons I Love France."
  • Albert, John. "My Wonderful Vacation in France."
  • Smith, Robert. "France's Wonderful Cuisine."

Double-check the format of your dates.

  • Dates should be formatted like this:
    • 29 June 2016.

If a month has more than four letters, abbreviate it after the first three. In other words, if the date is 7 September 2013, on your Works Cited page it should look like this:

  • 7 Sep. 2013.

Titles get put in quotation marks; websites get italicized.

  • Smith, John. "Why I Love France." The Travel Company.

Notice that there is a period after the name, then a period after the title, then a period after the website, etc.

In the case of the title, the period comes before the end quote.


URL's get placed between angle brackets.

  • <>.

If you haven't already done so, force your Works Cited page to start on a new page.

  • To force a new page, place your cursor right before the "W" of Works Cited.
  • Press the Ctrl key, and while holding it down, tap on the "Enter" key once.

Congratulations! You're done with this lesson.