Country Report (Pro)


Choosing a Vacation Destination

Imagine a courtroom. At 5:00 pm, the judge bangs his gavel and dismisses the court for the day. As everyone files out, he asks two lawyers to stay behind. He wants to ask them a question.

"I've decided to go on vacation," says the judge, "but I don't know where to go. Do either of you have any suggestions?"

The first lawyer says, "Yes, your honor. I think you should go to Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a wonderful country. I'm sure you'll have a great time!"

The second lawyer looks horrified. She says, "I beg to differ, your honor, but that's a terrible idea! Afghanistan is a horrible country. You should definitely not go there."

The judge rubs his chin. "Hmm . . . I guess this decision is tougher than I thought. How can I possibly resolve this? I know! I'll use the adversarial method, just like we do here in court. Here's what I want you to do: I'd like each of you to write an essay presenting evidence for your side of the argument. Then, after I've read both papers, I can make up my own mind!"

Your Role

As you may have guessed, you are going to play the part of one of the lawyers in this courtroom drama. In fact, you're going to play the role of both lawyers:

This will give you practice arguing both sides of an issue.

  • A "pro" paper is one which argues: [Country] is a wonderful vacation destination.
  • A "con" paper is one with the opposite thesis.

In this unit you're going to write the "pro" paper. In a later unit you're going to write the "con" paper.