Country Report (Pro)


Basic Requirements

Here is an overview of the essay that you will be writing in this unit.

  1. Your "country report" will be organized like a typical 5-paragraph essay:
1 Introduction
2 1st Body Paragraph
3 2nd Body Paragraph
4 3rd Body Paragraph
5 Conclusion
  1. Your essay will have the following thesis:
    • [Country] is a wonderful vacation destination.
  2. No paragraph can be less than three sentences.
  3. Each body paragraph should cite at least one piece of evidence that supports the topic sentence. 
  4. You must include at least one block quote.
  5. Your Works Cited page should include at least three different sources.
  6. Your paper should be formatted in MLA style.


For this assignment, quality is far more important than quantity—and the quality is determined by how closely you follow the instructions!

  • If you write a 10-page paper, but you "do it your own way", you may end up with something that is virtually worthless.
  • On the other hand, if you follow the directions, your finished essay will be relatively short, but nonetheless worth get a good grade.