Country Report (Pro)


3 Sources, 1 Block Quote

Before you start writing your 2nd body paragraph, here are some things to keep in mind:

First, you need at least three different sources on your Works Cited page, so find a 2nd source for your 2nd body paragraph, and a 3rd source for your 3rd body paragraph.

Don't make the mistake that some students make: After finding a great source with all sorts of reasons to visit (or not visit) a country, they write three body paragraphs using that same source. It's then that they realize their mistake: While they have indeed met the requirement for writing three body paragraphs, they have not met the requirement for using at least three different sources.

So, even if your first source is terrific, find another. If you write another paragraph using the same source, you are simply wasting your time (assuming that your goal is to finish this paper as soon as possible).

Second, remember that you need at least one block quote. A block quote is a "long" quote that's about the length of a paragraph (5 or more lines of text).

According to the MLA manual:

  • A quote that takes up at least five lines of text should be formatted as a block quote.

Therefore, if your first body paragraph does not include a block quote, make sure that one of your other two paragraphs does. Again, a block quote is basically a paragraph (written by someone else) that you are going to paste into your paper and format according the rules for block quotes.