Country Reports

Sentence Pattern for Introduction (Con)

It's time to review the sentence pattern we used in the introduction of your "pro" country report:

This time, think of three reasons why you hate to visit your grandma's house (or any other place that you hate to visit).

Each reason should be a complete clause, like this:

Now combine those three clauses into a compound sentence. Put a semi-colon between the first two clauses, and use "comma and" to join the second and third clause. Your sentence should now look something like this.

Here is another example. This sentence explains why I hate San Francisco:

Heads Up!

Don't forget this sentence pattern! We're going to use it in introduction of your essay.

Your Turn

Think of a place that you hate to visit.

Now, using the pattern described in this lesson, you're going to tell me why you don't like going there.

Instructions for the Quiz

Write two sentences, according to this example:

I hate to visit my grandma’s house. Her cooking is terrible; her dog stinks, and she doesn't have internet.

Note: The first sentence tells me where you hate to go. The second sentence explains why you like to go there. Your second sentence must follow the pattern described in this lesson!

Caution: If the subject of your clauses is the same, you must repeat the subject each time! Study the following examples: