Book Reviews


What is a Book Review?

Question: What's the difference between a

Answer: Not much.

A reading log is often little more than a record of the pages you have read. You've probably filled out reading logs like this:

A reading journal is a place where you write down thoughts and opinions about what you're reading.

A book report is a bit more formal. Often, it's little more than a summary of the book.

A book review is fancier still; it's something you typically find in a literary magazine or the books section of a newspaper. A professionally written book review can be quite long, and often includes an in-depth analysis of the book's plot and style, as well as comparisons with other books (or the author's previous work).

But enough with the differences! In this class, we're not going to make these distinctions. In my class, a "Book Review" is any piece of writing in which you write about a book that you have read independently.

So, whether you're writing a two-paragraph reaction to something you read on page 12 of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, or a 50-page anaylsis of Tolstoy's War and Peace (a book that's famous for being long and complicated), we're still going to call it a "Book Review".

And, most importantly, you don't have to wait until after you've finished a book to write a book review. Anytime you need some points, just write a "book review" on something that you've read (or something that you're still reading).

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