Book Reviews


Get Started!

Now that you have finished these Guidlines and Expectations, you can earn points by reading any novel. Of course, you do have to write about the novel too!

Your book review should go in your writing portfolio.

If you like, you can use the following list of questions. Just paste them into your writing portfolio, and then answer them!

Book Review

  1. What is the title of the book you are reviewing?

  2. Are you reviewing the entire book, or just some portion of the book?

  3. Who is the author?

  4. What is the literary genre?

  5. What is the narrative point of view?

  6. What does the cover blurb say?

  7. What is the setting?

  8. Who is the protagonist?

  9. What does the protagonist want?

  10. Who is the antagonist?

  11. Summarize the plot.

  12. What did you find interesting about this story?

  13. Is there anything else that you'd like to add?

  14. Did you learn any new vocabulary words? (Include the definitions).

  15. What is your favorite quote from the book?

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.