Blog Post #3: My Family Background

Okay, it's time to write a third blog post. This one will be about your family background. You can use the following questions to guide you:

Here is a sample answer I wrote about my own family:

Blog Post #3: My Family Background

My mother's family was originally from Belgium. When my mother was only six years old, World War II broke out in Europe, and Germany invaded Belgium. Her family went through some frightening times during the war. For example, one time their house was bombed and they lost everything. Luckily, they weren't home at the time.

My father's family comes from Massachusetts. His family owned a lovely farm in the country. I used to love spending Christmas vacations there when I was young. It was especially pretty when it snowed.

My parents met in Massachusetts. They were classmates in college. After they graduated, they moved to Puerto Rico, to work in a small hospital there. That’s when they had me.

Lesson Steps

  1. Go to your Google Drive and open your writing portfolio.
  2. At the top of the page (just below your main title), write the title of this post:
    • Blog Post #3: My Family Background
  3. Put your cursor on the title, then, in the ribbon, change "Normal text" to "Heading 1". If you have done this correctly, your title should now appear in your Outline. (I like to call the Outline the Table of Contents.)
  4. Write a blog post about your family background.
    • Minimum word count: 100 words.

Self Check

Is your blog post at least 100 words?