Okay, let's start with a few definitions:

A diary is a notebook in which you record the events of your life.

A journal is like a diary, but more expansive. In a journal you might also write down your opinions on life, love, politics, food, celebrities, TV, sports, or just about anything. Each time you write something down in your journal, it's called a journal entry.

A blog is an online journal. Since you're posting your stuff online, each entry is called a post. Typically, posts are listed in reverse chronological order. That is, your most recent post appears at the top of the page, while your oldest post appears at the bottom.

Diaries, journals, and personal blogs—all these are forms of personal writing. And honestly, there's not much difference between a diary entry, a journal entry, a blog post, or a "personal writing assignment".

So, to keep things simple, we're going to pick one term and stick with it. And the term we're going to use in this class is "blog post." So please understand: Whenever I use the term blog post, what I really mean is this:

Instructions for the Quiz

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