Blog Post #4: Your Choice (A)

You have already written three blog posts:

    1. About Me
    2. My Favorite Pastime
    3. My Family Background

Now, you're going to write a fourth blog post, and the only difference is that this time you get to choose what you write about.

Lesson Steps

  1. From this page (or the splash page), click on the icon for
  2. Browse the list of blog ideas until you get inspired.
  3. Go to your Google Drive and open your writing portfolio.
  4. At the top of the page (just below your main title), write the title of this post:
    • Blog Post #4: ________________
  5. Your title should be descriptive. (By reading your title, I should get some idea of what your post is about.)
  6. Put your cursor on the title, then, in the ribbon, change "Normal text" to "Heading 1". If you have done this correctly, your title should now appear in your Table of Contents.
  7. Write a blog post.
    • Minimum word count: 100 words.

Self Check

Is your blog post at least 100 words?