PT #1: Periods, Commas, and Question Marks

Review the following rules of punctuation.

  1. Put a period at the end of a sentence. (You can also use a question mark or an exclamation point).
Mistake Correct

I went to the store

I went to the store.


  1. Put a space after a period or comma (not before).
Mistake Correct

I like running .I like tennis .

I like running. I like tennis.

I like cake ,and I like pizza.

I like cake, and I like pizza.


  1. After a question, use a question mark.
Mistake Correct

What is your name.

What is your name?

Why are you late.

Why are you late?

Lesson Steps

  1. Proofread your writing portfolio, looking for any missing or misplaced periods, commas, or question marks.

Self Check

  • Did you put a period at the end of every sentence?
  • Did you put a space after every period or comma?