Basic Skills



"Basic Skills" is a catchall unit that includes:

Common Mistakes

This is the year that you're going to start paying attention to the difference between your and you're, and there and their, and this year, you're going to start each sentence with a capital letter and end each sentence with a period.


The vocabulary lessons in this unit cover 256 words that are commonly found on standardized tests. There are also lessons that pre-teach difficult words that you'll need to know later in the year.

Reading Skills

If you're an avid reader, your brain has probably gotten quite good at doing several things at once:

  1. While part of your brain is reading the words on the page . . .
  2. Another part of your brain is processing deeper layers of meaning.

Beginning readers sometimes have trouble with the second part. They're so busy reading the individual words, they forget to look beneath the surface.

This unit should help you with that. You'll learn how to think like a detective, to look for clues and find meaning beyond the words.

Instruction for the Quiz

Answer the questions.