Basic Skills 4

Character Traits

In real life, we often infer things about the people we meet from the way they behave. For example, if you meet a boy who refuses to share his cake, you might naturally conclude that he is selfish.

In fiction, too, we must sometimes infer the personality traits of the people on the page.

Instructions for the Quiz

The quiz asks you questions like this:

Andy saw his neighbor struggling to get his lawn mower running, so Andy went over to his neighbor's house and filled up his lawn mower with gas. When it still wouldn't start, Andy lent him his lawn mower.

What can you infer about Andy's character?

  • He is helpful, neighborly, and kind.
  • He is mean, cruel, and thoughtless.

The answer is A.

If this sort of question gives you trouble, it's probably because you have not understood all the words. Try Googling the definition of any word that you're unsure of.

To look up a word:

  • Highlight the word that you want to look up.
  • Right-click, then select "Search Google for . . . ".