Week 28

11th Graders:

  • This week, we are doing the SBAC test in class.
  • That means that you will have to do the quizzes and Typing Club for homework.


  • You need 330 Typing Club stars by the end of this week.
  • When doing Typing Club, make sure to click on the Teddy Bear Course (Tefel Hall's Language Arts Class).
  • Your next "big" writing assignment is your narrative scene.
  • Your scene is due by Friday, April 5 (the day before Spring Break).
  • Your scene should be at least 500 words.
  • Make sure you write your scene in your portfolio! If you don't write your scene in your portfolio, I may accuse you of using ChatGPT or another similar program.
  • Start working on your scene right away. Don't procrastinate! This is going to be a busy month because of state testing and Pheonix Week.
  • Before you start writing your scene, familiarize yourself with the basic requirements.
  • A full explanation of all the requirements can be found under Week 29-A.