Week 18

Semester at a Glance

Essay Unit

  • Write 2 formal essays.

Narrative Unit

  • Write a scene (500 words).
Spring Break
Reading / Literature:
  • 3 Short Stories
  • 1 poem


Big Grading Change!
  • Last semester, 50% of your grade was based on "Classwork" (which basically meant that much of your grade was based on "Participation").
  • The other 50% of your grade was based on your Quia quizzes.
  • For this spring semester, "Classwork" will no longer graded. Instead, your grades will be weighted as follows:
Category Weight
Portfolio 50%
Quizzes 25%
Typing 25%
  • Your Portfolio includes the three "big" writing assignments for this term. (Two MLA essays and a narrative scene).
  • Typing is based on the number of stars you earn.
    • I expect you to earn at least 30 Typing Club stars each week.
    • That's equal to completing 2 lessons, 3x per week.
    • In other words, if you do 2 Typing Club lessons each time you come to class, you will receive full credit in the Typing category.
  • You can still earn extra-credit by doing Seterra map quizzes. Just show me your score when you complete a quiz.


Typing Club
  • You need 30 Typing Club stars by the end of this week!
  • You can work ahead, if you want.


Writing Portfolios
  • This semester, your 3 big writing assignments will go in your Writing Portfolio.
  • You can find your portfolio by going to the Splash Page and clicking on "Our Class Writing Portfolios."