Academic Writing


Essays Should Be Concise

From the first day of class, I've encouraged you to write more. The more you write, the more points I give you.

But now it's time for a paradigm shift—a new way of thinking, and especially, a new way of grading your work. Because now our focus is going to shift to academic writing, and when writing essays, less is often better.

Let me repeat that:

Many students have trouble accepting this shift. All their lives, teachers have praised them for writing lengthy essays. The longer the better! And now, here I am, telling you it's a lie. A good essay does not necessarily need to be short, but it does need to be concise.

Grading Your Essays

Moving forward, I will continue to "pay" you at the standard rate of 2 points for every 10 words that you write. However, I will also give you bonus points if your writing is concise. To ensure that you earn the maximum possible points, make sure that you take out all unnecessary words!

Instructions for the Quiz

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