Frequently Asked Questions

Tefel Hall
6th Grade English

Do you give homework?

Yes, I give about 30 minutes of homework, 5 days per week.

What is the homework?

With few exceptions, the homework is always the same:

Do you give tests?

No. I give hundreds of graded assignments each trimester. I don't need to give tests to know how a student is doing.

Why don't you use Google Classroom?

I have posted more than years' worth of Lessons on my website. I could never do this with Google Classroom.


Can you recommend some books for my 6th grader?

Yes. Here is SFUSD's Recommended Reading list for 6th grade.


is the recommended reading list

How do I know what my child should be working on?

Start by going to the Belt Levels page of my website.

Then ask your child these questions:

If your child can't answer these questions, please email me and I'll be happy to tell you.

How can my child get their grade up?

Grades are based on points.

Total Points Your Child Has Earned
Total Points That I Have Assigned

This percentage gets translated into a letter grade, in accordance with SFUSD's grading policy:

Greater than 90%








Less than 60%


Simply put, a student who wants to raise their grade must earn more points. Generally speaking, students earn points by: