Research Papers

Research Papers


Write a research paper, formatted in MLA style.

Level: Advanced

Prerequisites: MLA Units, Teacher Permission

Research Papers Points
11.13 Introduction  
11.14 An Excellent Thesis  
11.15 A Thesis That's Good Enough  
11.16 Your Thesis Should Be Debatable  
11.17 Placement of Your Thesis  
11.18 Basic Outlines  
11.19 Basic Requirements  
11.20 The Quality of Your Evidence  
11.21 Topic Suggestions  
  The Remaining Lessons are Unfinished. Please skip them.  
11.22 Thesis Statement Patterns  
11.23 Choosing a Title  
11.24 Introduction and Conclusion  
11.25 Hooks  
11.26 Rebutting Your Opponents Arguments  
11.27 A Formula for Introductions  
11.28 Variation of the Introduction Formula  
11.29 Patterns for Your Conclusion  
11.29 Background  
11.30 Rhetoric  
11.31 Advice for Intros and Conclusions  
11.32 Choose a Topic / Thesis