Easy Reading

Easy Reading


Short readings with comprehension questions.

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  1st Grade Worksheets Points
1 A Visit to the Water Park 5
2 A New Bicycle 5
3 At the Zoo 5
4 Penny's Pet Problem  
5 A Cold Bear  
6 A Puzzle a Day  
7 The Thunderstorm  
8 Dessert Time!  
9 Kitten's Choice  
10 Mule's Thoughts  
11 Making Cookies  
12 Monster Learns Rules  
13 Summer Nights  
14 The Puppy and the Kitten  
15 The Boat Parade  
16 Peanuts and Popcorn  
17 Shoveling Snow  
18 Homework or Video Games  
19 In Search of Courage  
20 Blanket Adventures  
  The Sand Cat  
  How to Tie Your Shoes  
  All about Bears  
  Sun, Stars, and Moon  
  We Are Important  

  2nd Grade Worksheets Points
5 How to Catch a Cookie 5
6 Alien Money 5
7 Cardboard Town 5
8 Sly's Secret Adventure  
  Going to the Movies  
  Dave and Grant Love Kayaking  
  The Clean Park  
  Taking the Chill Out  
  Don't Give Up  
  The Camping Trip  
  Guitar or Ballet  
  Pen Pals  
  Springtime Tadpoles  
  Grandpa's Cooking  
  Race Cars  
  The Washing Machine Box  
  Fire Alarm  
  Going to the Library  
  How to Draw a Shark  
  More Than Rocks and Stone  
  Barrels of Ideas  

  3rd Grade Worksheets Points
9 Max's Good Habit 5
10 Amusement Park Problem 5
11 Anna and Her Basketball Adventure 5
12 Hats in Harvard  
  Hellping Hally  
  My New Scooter  
  The Solver  
  Tag Rules!  
  Amanda's News  
  Will the Wolf  
  What Are Clouds?  
  How to Make Ice Cream  
  Life Cycles  
  Healthy Muscles Matter  
  The Bee  

  4th Grade Worksheets Points
13 An Honestly Fun Camp 5
14 Emma's Favorite Restaurant 5
15 First Day 5
16 Left Out  
  Liza's First Spelling Bee  
  Open for Business  
  Oranges Everywhere  
  Pool Fit for a Hedgehog  
  Mouse Madness  
  Treasure Hunt  
  Luke, Jay and Zach's Winning Game  
  The Singing Plants  
  Clara Barton  
  Curious about Careers: Firefighters  
  Why Does the Ocean Have Waves?  
  How to Find the Theme of a Text  
  How to Skateboard  
  Survival in the Wild  
  What Is a Spacewalk?  

  5th Grade Worksheets Points
17 After the Flood 5
18 Alex and Amand's First Concert 5
19 The Astronomy Project 5
20 Best Friend Blues  
  "Bring Your Pet Day" Disaster  
  Dinner Disaster  
  Fairy Followers  
  Fossil Mystery  
  The Goose Voyage  
  Jump Around  
  Mystery of the Broken Pie  
  The Best Vacation Ever  
  Finders Keepers  
  Curious about Careers: Engineering  
  Curious about Careers: Teacher  
  Henry Ford  
  How to Care for a Pet Fish  
  How to Make Animations  
  Space-Based Astronomy  
  What Police Detectives Do  

  Miscellaneous Readings Points
25 Chess 10
26 Jacob the Great 8
27 Condors Fly Without Flapping Their Wings 10